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Excellent Region for hosting races for pure-bred Arabians
The southwest region of France is an excellent area for hosting races for purebred Arabians. The popularity of Arabian stallions and Arabian racing draws crowds every year. Many such races are held here on first-rate racecourses, featuring Arabian horses of many varieties and making for an exciting spectacle and a wonderful destination.
The heart of the breeding lands of purebred Arabian horses.
Located at the foot of the Pyrenees, just 15 minutes from PAU in the heart of the breeding lands of purebred Arabian racehorses, the SAINT FAUST STUD now extends over 100 hectares (200 acres). This ideal spot for Arabian breeding makes it very valuable for those who want to find the best Arabian horses. SAINT FAUST STUD hosts some thirty-odd selected broodmares, all from the best sires, namely MANGANATE, TIDJANI, KESBEROY, DORMANE and DJOURMAN, which are then crossed with the best Arabian stallions.

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Haras de Saint Faust

55 route Chapelle de Rousse


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