Who We Are

The Saint-Faust stud farm, located in the South West of France, at Laroin, a few miles south of Pau, has been operated by the Larrieu Family since the beginning of the Century.

With eighty hectares of beautitul land, close to the Pyrenees Mountains, the Saint-Faust stud farm is the home of 10 throughbred broodmares with their yearlings and foals and an additional 20 Arabian broodmares followed by their progeny in huge paddocks of grass.

Our History


Stud foundation by Mr & Mrs Jean LARRIEU, was initially called the MAUHOURAT STUD, known for breeding jumping horses and a few Arabians


1986: Jean-Paul LARRIEU took over the running of the family business after purchasing another estate located in Saint Faust.  


New indoor paddock available


New broodmare barn available


The Saint Faust Stud Farm will open of a new AI centre in the coming months.

Furthermore, some additional stables will soon available in the new barn.

Horse Breeding Process

Breeding Process

All mares are covered when ovulating.  Even mares for natural covering are monitored daily by the vet, who will indicate the day and time to cover the mare.  Natural coverings are conducted on a 400 m2 sandy platform.


  • Great reputation

    Ranked 5th in the 2013 list of breeders in France.

  • Great geographical situation

    Only 1-hr flight from Paris - 15 min. from PAU - 15 min. from the airport - 20 min. from PAU training centre - 15 min. from the motorway exit.

  • Great team

    Qualified and omnipresent staff. Stud Manager and Assistance constantly on site.


Please find below the answers to the common questions raised by customers:

Words from the managers

Jean Paul Larrieu

For almost 30 years, the SAINT FAUST STUD has been constantly investing in new structures (land, buildings, etc.) in order to improve the comfort of horses left in livery and to satisfy customers.  So why not take advantage of our expertise and facilities!

Jean Paul Larrieu